E.S.A Group, located in Raamsdonksveer, was founded in 2002 by Charles van Rossum. E.S.A. Group consists of two companies; E.S.A. Group and E.S.A. Inova. The branch E.S.A. Group is mainly concerned with studying and advice on environmental issues and the branch E.S.A. Inova to the construction and project management of environmental solutions. And also with new innovative developments.



After a thorough study of E.S.A. Group to the environmental problem, you get personalized advice. E.S.A. Group gives advice in the field of flue gas cleaning, waste water treatment, it does trouble shooting and can arrange for you the licenses. She is a specialist in specific physico-chemical wastewater technology and technological odor issues and has therefore pursues her honestly earned.


Following the advice of E.S.A. Group is possible environmental problems through E.S.A Group to dissolve. She is a supplier and consultant of industrial emission reduction facilities, such as water and air purifiers. It also provides E.S.A.Group you complete project with the construction and implementation of the system.

Also o.a:

  • Basic design
  • Engineering
  • Directorate lining


E.S.A. is a company that provides total solutions for environmental issues.

E.S.A. specializes in physical-chemical wastewater technology and technological odor issues.

E.S.A. is to the point and is known for its no-nonsense approach.

E.S.A. has no long reports and long lead times.

E.S.A. not tied to a particular supplier. Therefore you will always get the best advice.

E.S.A. network is extensive, making it possible for her always a solution to your problem.

 Applying for an environmental permit, you can outsource to ESA. It provides a clear application process through its long experience in this and the good contacts with competent authorities. You have the option of the entire package of studies and advice to project management, to ensure good flow of the project. Besides the project can E.S.A. the installations.

Products include for example DAF units, lamellenseparatoren, wet scrubbers and Clarymax. E.S.A. is led by an experienced professional with excellent contacts.


E.S.A. Group enjoys working closely with her ​​client. She is very results-oriented, with good cooperation between the two parties can not be missing. The client should take time E.S.A. Group to give a thorough tour. Should also collectively all possible problems are tripped. E.S.A. Group also offers the option of the client throughout the process of solving involve, creating full transparency arises.


  • Studies on site to the optimization of wastewater treatment and flue gas cleaning
  • Studies on site to dioxin or technological odor issues
  • Advising on the best solution and, at the option of the customer, ESA Projects run this report
  • Controlling environmental and building and creating safety
  • Advice refractory technology, remediation and corrosion protection
  • Shutdown Management