WHO IS E.S.A. Inova
E.S.A. Inova is the innovative branch of E.S.A. Group.
They are the engaged in innovative developments in the field of water treatment and flue gas cleaning. They designed the E.S.A. Flexible Water Treatment Installation. With this product it is possible to make drinking water from any water source.

E.S.A. Flexible Water Treatment Installation.

The E.S.A. Flexible Water Treatment Installation consists of three separate units. This means that investing in a large installation is not always necessary and it has many advantages for the mobility of the installation because each unit is built into its own frame.

Every end user has different wishes and goals to achieve for water treatment, because they have to deal with different water sources. For example, industrial companies with a waste water stream, small populations along a saltwater source, flooded sources such as coal mines and farmers with agriculture who need clean water for their cultivation. E.S.A. Flexible Water Treatment Installation is the solution for all these and many other end users.

The mobility of the installation is very useful when a water source gets empty or when the installation has to be used for temporary projects. The installation is easy to disconnect and move to a next project or a new water source. Pumps, piping and other equipment are built into the frame. When the unit arrives on its location, it is almost immediately ready for use. Plug and play.

In case of salt water the E.S.A. Flexible Water Treatment Installation has the possibility with step 4 to desalinate the water.

If desired, the total installation – but also the separate units – can be equipped with solar panels, automatic measuring, control technology and piping from the source to the installation and from the installation to a collection point.


Step 1: E.S.A. Flocculation Unit.

The E.S.A. Flocculation Unit is the first move towards clean water. It makes use of a tangential rotation that creates a good reaction between the polluted water and the chemistry. The particles that have to be removed from the polluted water coagulate with the chemistry and settle. The clean water overflows and will be collected into an external unit or step 2, the E.S.A. Sand Filtration Unit.




Step 2: E.S.A. Sand Filtration Unit.

When the water has to meet an even better quality, like drinking water, the E.S.A. Sand Filtration Unit will be used. This step will remove the small particles that may still be in the treated water from step 1. This results into high quality water that can also be used for drinking water after hygienization and also complies with WHO regulations. Hygienization is part of the process when desired.



Step 3: E.S.A. Nano-Filtration Unit

If treated water still contains two valued ions and larger mono valued ions, wich are not withdrawn in step 1 and step 2, they can be removed by the membrane E.S.A. Nano-Filtration Unit.


Step 4: E.S.A. Desalination Unit

The total E.S.A. Flexible Water Treatment Installation is also a solution for salt water source. With the membrane (RO) E.S.A. Desalination Unit the water can be desalinate after step 2 or step 3.

E.S.A Inova & South Africa


Mr Charles and Ms Sanne will be promoting their innovative installation there. They hope to make contact with possible South African business partners that make it possible to E.S.A. Flexible Water Treatment Installation on the South African market. South Africa is struggling with a large water shortage. E.S.A. Inova was in 2016 for private purposes in South Africa and has personally experienced this. ” We can help these people ” was the first reaction. And so there was contact between the Embassy of the Netherlands and E.S.A. Inova. But first we went to Sudan. Read more about Sudan at E.S.A. Inova & Sudan on this page.


E.S.A. Inova more than satisfied
back from South Africa.

E.S.A. Inova spent 3 days at the WISA in South Africa. Here they have met possible partners that make it possible to realize water treatment projects.

On the exhibition floor, the E.S.A. Flexible Water Treatment Installation presented. There were many enthusiastic reactions and the South African Minister Gugile Nkwinti even called it the product they really need now.

E.S.A. Inova & Sudan

In February 2017, E.S.A. Inova invited in Sudan. Here they visited Mr. Charles and Sanne for a week several locations where an E.S.A. Flexible Water Treatment Installation could be a good development towards clean drinking water. At the moment, the majority of the Sudanese population is drinking from the river Nile or from groundwater sources. This water is drunk untreated, causing a large part of the population to become ill.

They also visited various ministries, water treatment plants, workshops and were even allowed to visit the vice president of Sudan. All were very enthusiastic about the unique design that can help them with clean drinking water.